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Christmas in March.vid

Christmas in March.

I check out Boz's package.
alexv Mar 14, 2010

Time for a joke.

Three Drinkers: An Irishman, an Englishman, and a Scot were sitting in a bar. The view was fantastic, the beer excellent, and the food exceptional…
alexv Feb 08, 2010

La Torta in La Pioggia

This song always makes me mist up. I don't know why.
alexv Jan 05, 2010
alexv Dec 18, 2009

So this is what Curly wants for Christmas.

I think they're a bit twee, frankly.
alexv Dec 01, 2009

Thursday Emo Song From Alexv

I'm so excited!    I just got John Shuttleworth's autograph in the mail! That's his lovely wife mary on the right.    Here's one of my favorite John Shuttleworth…
alexv Oct 28, 2009

How about some Austrian funk?

Courtesy of ORF, Austrian television, 1971.
alexv Oct 05, 2009
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